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The Superstore Experience is like no other, come be a part of it!

At Big Sandy Superstore, our ability to accomplish what we set out to do is based primarily on the people we hire. We are devoted to investing in and supporting our employees. In fact, we strive to provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.

We are looking for individuals who have a will to win, enjoy assisting others in making their house a home, and go above and beyond to ensure our customers complete satisfaction. 

Big Sandy Superstore is employee-owned and service oriented. Come Join The Fastest growing Top 100 Home Furnishings Retailer in the Industry!



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su·per·store ex·pe·ri·ence

sōōpәrstôr ik´spir ē әns

  A SUPERSTORE is defined by having a tremendous selection of Name brand home furnishings  for EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOME  with such an amazing display and exhilarating shopping experience, it deserves to be #1 on your shopping list, attracting shoppers both near and far determined to find the best values for their home in a fun and exciting shopping environment -  A TRUE ONE STOP SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!